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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions…we have answers


How long is the show?

Our full theater shows have a runtime of approximately 90-minutes (without intermission).  If you are interested in bringing us to your private event, please know that less is more.  Clients may think a 75 minute show is what they want when they really should have is a 30 to 45 minute show. Event nights can get long and it is nice to leave an audience feeling energized, and wanting more.

What size should the stage be?

Presenter is to provide an elevated stage with a minimum size of 8 feet in depth and 8 feet in width (larger stage size is appreciated).  Larger stages are required for shows with illusions, assistants, and dancing.

We would like to provide sound, what does Jared require?

Jared just needs the ability to patch into the main or house system using an XLR cable.

We would like to provide lights, what does Jared require?

The minimum lighting requirements are simple, just a good wash on stage.

We had you at our event last year. We'd like to have you again this year. Does your show change?

Yes! Jared is constantly adding new material and routines to his show, and we are able to provide a very different show year after year.  After that, our shows are completely audience driven and no two audiences are alike, so we can always guarantee a wildly different audience experience.

How much does it cost?

Many clients express concern about the size of their budget.  We have developed pricing models that support our primary show types (Strolling Magic, Solo Performance, Full Scale Illusions) that promote efficient use of our organization while providing you with the lowest cost for our services.  We have toured the world offering the highest quality entertainment to our clients. Please contact us for a price quote.

How do I schedule a show?

Check your calendar, and place a friendly call to 1-888-654-6901 (or contact us here!).

I've never worked with an agent, what can I expect?

Yes, some agents are like you see in the movies.  But my agents at G.L. Berg Performing Artists and Speakers are client centered in their approach; their job is to keep things organized, simple, and highly effective. No surprises, and no regrets.

10 Important Tips for Better Performances at Your Event!

  1. Less can be more! Clients may think a 75 minute show is what they want when they really should have is a 30 to 45 minute show. Event nights can get long and it is nice to leave an audience feeling energized, and wanting more.
  2. Always request that the wait staff not clear dishes during an after dinner show. It is a major disturbance for your guests.
  3. Give some thought as to how to best set up the room. Site lines are important for your guests.
  4. Keep things moving along throughout the event. Often people are done eating and just sitting and waiting for things to happen. Dessert shows can work great to keep the evening moving along.
  5. Try not to have a break between your meal, program, and the performance.  Keep things moving and flowing. Once people get up and start moving and talking it is hard to get them sitting back down and refocused. Things should be ready to go and Jared will be all set so he can jump on stage and keep the evening flowing.
  6. Make sure you have a strong MC. Try to have someone who is energetic and articulate do the MC work for your event. It makes the night a whole lot better for your guests. This might be someone who typically would not have that role in the company.
  7. Allow enough time and space. Jared will arrive and set up and do sound and light check prior to your guests ever entering the room.
  8. Pay attention to the little details required to make the show the best it can be. Stage size, power needs, set-up time, and a dressing room for Jared to change and warm-up in are all things that help a show be its very best.
  9. Even if you have a committee selecting entertainment, have only one person act as a contact for the entertainer prior to the day of performance and the night of the performance. Things tend to get mixed up when three different people are telling Jared three different things.
  10. Lastly, have fun and enjoy the event!