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  • “Sell out crowds on back to back nights! I have heard nothing but rave reviews.”

    Saint John's University
  • “Jared was the perfect speaker to end camp!”

    Best Prep
  • “I am very impressed with his stage presence.”
    Chairman & CEO
  • "This is not your average magic show."

    Saint Cloud Times
    Adam Hammer
  • "Amazing...It was just like being in Vegas!"

    Bob and Tom Show
    Kristi Lee
  • "Jared was hilarious...Fun for the whole family!"

  • "Months after the event, I still hear good things about it."

    Allina Hospitals
    Nena M. Ando-Wuollet
  • "He introduces fresh elements that the audience is unlikely to have ever encountered."

    The Indianapolis Star
  • "Sherlock's show is special for the unique ways in which he interacts with his audiences."

    Indy Fringe Festivals
  • "Jared was great - very pro and very entertaining. Great experience on our end."

    North Dakota State University
    Bill Law

The Official Site of Jared Sherlock

Jared Sherlock is an award-winning illusionist and comic magician, based in Minneapolis. His modern magic is featured at corporate events, colleges, and theaters nationwide. LEARN MORE ABOUT JARED

Jared Sherlock - Official Show Trailer

Jared blends modern magic, juggling, and friendly audience interaction to deliver high-energy, clean comedy, event entertainment.

Street Magic (Vol. 1)

Illusionist Jared Sherlock takes to the streets of downtown Minneapolis armed with a bunch of stupid magic tricks and a camera to catch it all on film.