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Video Gallery

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Illusionist Jared Sherlock - Official Show Trailer

Jared blends modern magic, juggling, and friendly audience interaction to deliver high-energy, clean comedy, event entertainment.

Audience Reactions - Vol. 1

Audiences members share their candid reactions after one of Jared's shows in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Illusionist Jared Sherlock - Photo Shoot 2012

Sherlock Studios and company rented out one Minneapolis' leading photography studios for an entire day to shoot some new promo material.

Illusionist Jared Sherlock - Street Magic (Vol. 1)

To promote his national 2012 summer tour, illusionist Jared Sherlock takes to the streets of downtown Minneapolis armed with a bunch of stupid magic tricks and a camera to catch it all on film.

Illusionist Jared Sherlock - Tour Commercial 2012

Illusionist Jared Sherlock and his company (featuring Renee Guittar and Thalia Bea Kostman) perform an intimate evening of illusions, comedy, and dance.

Illusionist Jared Sherlock - My First Magic Show

I performed my first magic show on Christmas Eve 1997. It was my finest hour as a conjuror.