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what are people saying about Jared Sherlock

Jared currently performs at over 100 corporate, private, college, and theater events a year. Here are just a few of our satisfied clients.


Jared has tremendous talent and everyone should experience it. - Christo Lane, Residential Manager


You're likely reading about one of tomorrow's business icons. - Rich Sloan, Writer


Jared's performance was outstanding! We were still talking about it this morning! - Sara Wradislavsky, Admin. Assistant


Everything I heard from the guests was all positive. Definitely added flair to the event."- Will Martin, Event Manager


I am very impressed with his stage presence. - Andy McKelvey, CEO and Founder


I would ask Jared to perform again... Jared did an excellent job. - Alan Scott, Area Manager


"Jared and his team were fantastic! He had their attention the entire time."- Andrea Nimmo, Manager, Marketing


"He's a force to be reckoned with!"- Janel Griffin, Exec. Assistant

Jared Sherlock - Official Show Trailer

Jared blends modern magic, juggling, and friendly audience interaction to deliver high-energy, clean comedy, event entertainment.

Street Magic (Vol. 1)

Illusionist Jared Sherlock takes to the streets of downtown Minneapolis armed with a bunch of stupid magic tricks and a camera to catch it all on film.