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Creative Team

Mattie Ernst

Costume Design

Mattie Ernst

A graduate of The College of Saint Benedict, Mattie is a multi-talented artist specializing in fashion and costume design. Her talents have already made her a sought after name in Twin Cities theater; her work has been featured in world-class theaters like The Jungle and The Guthrie.

“The exciting thing, really, is how a performance starts from nothing; a blank stage, a blank slate. At the heart, both theater and music are about creation; making something out of nothing. I was drawn to this from a young age and have been making music, composing, painting, dancing, designing, and sewing ever since. When I design a dress, it starts out as a two-dimensional drawing and some small pieces of fabric. But when it’s finished, it is so much more than the sum of its parts in the way that it can be used to convey meaning about a character and give further insight into the world of the play. In a similar way, when I write music it starts out as a few random notes, but with the right combination, you can bring the audience to a state of laughter or tears.”

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